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HAProxy MySQL Cluster diagramIn the previous part we use the official Cassandra images from Docker Hub to start containers and have them form a cluster. In this post we will see how to create our own docker images to facilitate the deployment of a Master-Slave replicated MySQL cluster. We will also use a HAProxy container to load-balance our MySQL instances.


Docker LogoIn my previous series of posts, I’ve focused on using distributed computing frameworks, Hadoop and Spark, which had to be manually installed on Ubuntu on my cluster nodes.

In this series of posts I will write about how to use Docker to achieve automated distribution-independent deployment of any type of services on my cluster.


Mysql Master-SlaveMySQL Master-Slave replication is natively supported by MySQL. However its configuration is not so simple. For each slave added as a replica, a few configuration steps must be done on both the master and itself.

So if you want to install a master instance on a machine or VM, and then install 5 other instances as slaves on other hosts, you will be doing quite a lot of back-and-forth configuration. I couldn’t find any way of configuring the replication automatically on the web, so I decided to create my own bash script to do it.